Love & Lore: The Most Romantic Valentine’s Getaway in Southern Oregon

In Jacksonville, Oregon, February brings a unique charm, where winter’s icy embrace invites us to slow down from our typically bustling summer and holiday seasons. This time of year, named after the Latin term ‘Februum’ meaning “purification,” resonates with the purity of love, so it’s fitting then that February is celebrated as the month of love. What could be more pure than a romantic getaway in our historic town, brimming with charm and the perfect amount of activity to foster closeness with your loved ones? The McCully House Inn stands as an inviting gateway to such romantic getaways in Southern Oregon, offering an ideal retreat for those seeking to deepen their bonds in the heart of Jacksonville’s enchanting surroundings.

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Discover Romantic Jacksonville Activities for Couples

  • Experience Classical Romance at the Collier Center: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a unique musical experience at the Collier Center in Medford. On February 14th, indulge in the melodious strains of the Vitamin String Quartet. This classical music ensemble will charm you with their crossover pieces from the hit series “Bridgerton.” This is just a part of a month-long extravaganza featuring diverse performances ranging from musicals to comedy shows, adding to the allure of romantic getaways in Southern Oregon. Learn more…
  • Discover Classical Concerts at City Hall: Even though the new classical concert series at City Hall, a stone’s throw away from our Inn, is already a hit, you still have a chance to catch these world-class chamber musicians. With performances scheduled in January, February, and March, tickets for the March concert are still up for grabs. This event promises to be a delightful addition to Jacksonville’s winter attractions, potentially extending our cherished Britt season. Learn more…
  • Step Back in Time at The Beekman House: For history enthusiasts, Jacksonville is a treasure trove. Embark on a journey to the past at The Beekman House on February 17th. Here, you can experience life as it was in 1932 Jacksonville through the Living History tour. Scheduled at 11:00 AM, 12:30 PM, and 2:00 PM, these tours, priced at $10.00 each, offer a fascinating glimpse into the history of one of Jacksonville’s formative families. Learn more…

Downtown view of Jacksonville OR during Chinese New Year FestivalBeyond Romance: Unveiling Jacksonville’s Rich History

Jacksonville, Oregon, a pivotal site during the mid-19th century Gold Rush, was initially a hub for miners, many of whom were Chinese immigrants. Their significant contributions to the town’s history are commemorated during the Lunar New Year celebrations. In partnership with the Southern Oregon Chinese Cultural Association, Jacksonville proudly hosts the festival at Britt Gardens Pavilion, celebrating the Year of the Dragon on Saturday, February 17th, from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This event is a testament to the town’s diverse heritage and a cornerstone of cultural romantic getaways in Southern Oregon.

One particularly magnanimous historical figure was Gin Lin, unique in his position as a Chinese mine boss when historically only white persons were allowed to own land and businesses. He is credited with bringing hydraulic mining to the area and generally being an amenable employer being mindful of Native American Burial sites and water usage in the summer months. His success in life was unusual for the times and remarkable, nonetheless. His countenance of mindfulness of the seasons and overall resiliency in an otherwise harsh setting gives us today a good role model for the spirit of February.

We all know February as the month of love, though historically, Jacksonville left something to be desired regarding romance. Our local historian extraordinaire, Carolyn Kingsnorth writes of another prominent local family the Hoffmans: “‘An old song asserts that “love and marriage…go together like a horse and carriage.’ William and Caroline Hoffman may have hoped that was true when they traveled in a heavy family carriage across the Oregon Trail to Jacksonville in 1853. They had six daughters to marry off and the Rogue Valley was rife with single men. But while a carriage may need a horse, a horse doesn’t necessarily need a carriage. This might be the more accurate view of love and marriage in the 1800s although circumstances might determine who has the pulling power.”

Our very own namesake Jane McCully had a rough go at love when John McCully left her and three kids and a mountain of debt shortly after the McCully House was built. That didn’t preclude her from being a well-loved and respected member of the town and in the end, she made out in spades! Thanks to the “Married Women’s Property Act,” Article XV, Section 5 of the 1859 Oregon State Constitution had provided that “The property and pecuniary rights of every married woman, at the time of marriage or afterward, acquired by gift, devise, or inheritance shall not be subject to the debts, or contracts of the husband; and laws shall be passed providing for the registration of the wife’s separate property” (Carolyn Kingsnorth-Pioneer Profiles). Jane’s story is not just a piece of Jacksonville’s history; it’s a narrative that adds depth and character to the romantic experiences offered in Southern Oregon.

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Stay Where History and Romance Intertwine

Nestled in a town brimming with historic tales and scenic beauty, our Jacksonville, OR hotel offers a unique blend of comfort and elegance, creating the perfect setting for your romantic getaway in Southern Oregon. You might not have to dig for gold here, but you’ll still find a gem — a cozy retreat that combines modern amenities with a touch of history. We invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience, where every stay is more than just a visit; it’s a journey through love, history, and the warmth of Southern Oregon hospitality.

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