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Two bikes leaning against the entryway of Mccully House Inn

Farewell Madness and Hello Wellness

There is a sort of madness to the month of March. From Daylight Savings to the rowdy celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day, there is an undeniable fervor that permeates the month. We are eager to send off the dark and cold days of winter and jump into the fresh and inviting days of spring. “The spring which will come,” Chilean poet Pablo Neruda observed, “even if we cut all the flowers.” Don’t cut yourself short by giving into the madness just yet. Spring will come, and your step will find its spring too if you remember to take it slow and find your glow.

Start by booking a stay with us at our Jacksonville, OR hotel and finding your way to one of our many health and wellness businesses in Jacksonville. Here at the McCully House Inn you can even take the time to sleep in surrounded by our luxury sheets, grab a nutritious snack and some filtered water from our 24-hour guest pantry and hit the trails, or just mosey around and admire the craftsmanship and décor of the inn—after all, beauty is soothing too!


Woman getting a facial with cream

Indulge in Pampering Spa Experiences

Jacksonville boasts several decadent spa experiences and head-to-toe pampering packages around town.


Dad and son ride bikes through the forest. A little boy sits in a bicycle basket.Enjoy Movement as Spring’s Medicine

At McCully House Inn you can take advantage of our complimentary bikes and Snap Fitness gym passes to get your blood and body moving and grooving. If you’re looking for more instruction, check out these other great resources in town!

  • Fantastic classes can be found at Elevate Medicine Collective. Take one of our house-provided yoga mats and drop in for a class or sign up for a few during your visit! In addition, the studio boasts a plant-based organic café for a healthy nibble. They also host fabulous and fun events all month long from comedy nights to sound healing. 
  • Start your day just one block down the street with an upbeat strengthening and stretching Pilates class at REFORMED — or if you’re an evening person they’ve got you covered (in sweat) too. 
  • On the gentler but just as nourishing side, pop on over to the Jacksonville Community Center for a yoga, Zumba, or Tai Chi/Qi Gong class all month long (days/times/cost vary).


Early spring purple Fritillaria flower in a meadow. Revel in Wonderful Woodlands

Another path to wellness might find you on one of the many beautiful hiking trails in the Jacksonville Woodlands. Pick up a map in our lobby or just wander out the door and make your way toward the tree line. 

  • Find a Fritillaria! This a rare and gorgeous member of the Lily family, native only to the Southern Oregon Region—not many plants can say that! The end of March marks the beginning of their flowering and hint: they enjoy the company of White oaks and open spaces.
  • Also lending their hues to the palette of a Jacksonville spring are the pink-purple blooms of the Shooting Stars, the brilliant blue buds of the Hound’s Tongue, and the pristine white petals of Trilliums! And that hardly scratches the surface of the Siskiyou Mountain range biodiversity. Hug our majestic Madrone trees and dawdle amongst the Doug firs, just watch out for the poison oak!
  • How about trying this one on, nature IS nurture! Getting outside is one of the easiest ways for us to get a little more right within ourselves. Just a simple quiet walk in the woods is known to be therapeutic to body, mind, and soul. 
  • If you want to really get grounded, stop a moment, take a deep breath, and then count down from five. Notice five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and maybe save the one thing you taste for a delicious and healthy smoothie or juice from Elevate Medicine Collective!



Plan Your Getaway Today

Black and White photo of founder Jane McCully next to a photo of the exterior of McCully House Inn

On a more personal note, March is also the time we honor our beloved and historical namesake Jane McCully, who would be turning 200 years old this year on the 31st! We honor all her hard work and dedication to the McCully House and the town of Jacksonville by reveling in its wellness spoils. She might not have been familiar with the concept of a spa-day in her time, but rest assured one who lead as full a life as her had to know how to appreciate the little quiet moments of rest and ease.

When it comes to self-care the little things count. Buy yourself that bouquet, schedule that massage or haircut you’ve been putting off, give yourself that quiet moment in the middle of a busy day to just take a breath, treat yourself to something special that makes your body, heart, mind, and soul smile and say ahhhh. Whether you’re coming from a far or you’re a local in need of a little therapeutic staycation, booking a stay at the McCully House Inn makes it easy to find wellness right outside the door.

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